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Grafting Israeli innovations into Chinese market from One to Infinity.

China Israel Innovation Exchange Center, Ltd. (C.I.I.E.) was established in Israel to dedicated to furthering the China-Israel relations. Working in parallel with I.C.F.I., (our sister company: Israel-China Future Innovation Technology Ltd) in Beijing, and utilizing our extensive networks both in China and Israel, C.I.I.E. aims to be a premier one-stop platform for Israeli high-tech companies that look for investments, and/or have a vision to cooperate with Chinese companies and/or an ambition to penetrate the Chinese market. Through organizing various business events and providing efficient follow-ups, C.I.I.E. has been building a proven record of success.



Where Wonder Begins


Prof. Zhengzhong Xu

Senior Advisor

Prof. Xu is a renowned economist in China. He is a doctoral supervisor in Tsinghua University and China National Academy of Governance. Some of his titles include the Chief Expert of Management in National Science and Technology Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Secretary of China Society for Public Economics, the President of the Society of Public Finance of China, and a Consultant for the World Bank, just to name a few. 


Xingfu Hou

Senior Advisor

Mr. Hou is the Vice President of Zhonghe Group, one of the biggest modern agriculture development groups in China. Zhonghe was awarded as  "National key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization" by the Central Government. Mr. Hou plays a key role in the modern agriculture & food security in China. He is also the director of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology.


Daniel Roth

Honorary Chairman

Daniel has an extensive background in venture capital and technology investments in Israel. During his tenure as the Associate Partner at Jerusalem Global Ventures, Daniel was instrumental in the strategy formation and fundraising for a $200 million Growth Equity Fund focused on mature, high-growth Israeli technology companies. He holds an MBA from IDC Herzliya in Israel and a B.A. in Philosophy & Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Tracy Chen

Representative in China

Tracy is the CEO of I.C.F.I., which represents C.I.I.E. in China.

Prior to that, she served as the President of MSMY Management Consultancy Ltd.
Tracy has a 20-year experience of business strategy consulting in various industries and is

a well-known marketing expert and key opinion leader in China.

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Ezra Guo

Founder & CEO

Ezra served as the Project Director of China Israel Exchange Ltd. and the General Manager of China Xinguang Packaging Ltd. He has an MA in Bible & Ancient Near East History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Lilian Li


Marketing Director

Lilian worked as an Engineer on the megaproject Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge, the longest sea crossing on earth. She holds a Global MBA from University of Haifa.


Ava Xue

Co-founder & Project Director

Ava is experienced in business development in a range of high-tech sectors and was selected as an Israel-Asia Leadership Fellow. She is a PHD candidate in Computational Chemistry in 

Bar-Ilan University.

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​​Evgeny Frank

Project Manager

Evgeny holds an Israeli tour guide licence and is specialized in conference & event management. He was a seasoned tour operator with 

12 years' experience.

Team of Experts 


Wutai Shi

Mr. Shi has been an IT entrepreneur for over 15 years, specialized in software development, QA and business management. He is the CEO of Diyuan Innovation. He used to serve as the Executive VP of Haihui International Technology Co., Ltd, CEO of NewLand Network Co., Ltd., and Software Engineer at IBM’s Lotus Development Inc. 


Yingkun Wang

Ms. Wang has been engaged in scientific research and international education & cultural exchange consulting for 13 years. She is the Vice President of Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Experiment School - one of best & biggest schools in China.


Saimeng Geng

Mr. Geng is the founder of Aerospace Mak-er (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. As a senior geek,  he has funded a mobile internet incubator and several IT companies. He promotes STEAM education-based high-tech enterprise, brings great impact to IT field.


Dr. Haibo Zhi

Dr. Zhi is Executive Director of China Aerospace 3D printing Research Center, General Manager of Fulton Fund Management ltd, striving for the  transformation and upgrading of Industry 4.0 in China.


Qingfa Wu

Mr. Wu, Senior engineer, National first-class constructor. He has been engaged in highway engineering construction management for many years, and the construction projects which he managed or heavily participated have won the China Municipal gold cup, National High Quality Engineering Award, etc.


Jian Song

Mr. Song used to be a chief doctor of Beijing Hospital, the Director of Internet Medical Project of Medical Belt & Medical Road of 301 Hospital, and currently serves as the CEO of Beijing Dajian Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Harnessing the top connection in government, academia, and industry,

with our team of experts, who knows your field and have the best resource of the field in China,
we promote the optimal match between Israel and China for a Win-Win Cooperation.

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  • Organizing professional roadshows and meetups in China for Israeli entrepreneur and scientist delegations;

  • Holding science, technology, culture, and industry forums, conferences, tech & product exhibitions, as well as roadshows to fund innovative projects in China;

  • Establishing a platform for science, technology and culture exchanges.

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  • Connecting Chinese and Israeli enterprises for in-depth cooperation;

  • Facilitating Israeli enterprises to develop the Chinese market and attract investments;

  • Helping Chinese enterprises import innovative technologies and select potential star-ups for collaboration;

  • Enabling both sides to establish sole proprietorship and joint ventures.

  • Bringing together universities, academic institutes and researchers from Israel and China for collaboration;

  • Assisting in application for financial support, jointly building innovation centers, educational sectors and business incubators/accelerators in China or Israel;

  • Enhancing the transformation of research fruit into real-world application.



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China: Room 5101-5103 Building 5 Distrct 4 Yiyuan Culture Creativity Industrial Base, Xingshikou Rd, Haidian, Beijing 

Israel: Halulav 40, Givat Zeev, Jerusalem 

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